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Estate Planning Services

Estate planning is a process that protects families against unnecessary financial hardship and stress through an organized plan that can be designed to:

  • Evaluate current assets and liabilities

  • Reduce (and in some circumstances eliminate)
    estate taxes

  • Reduce administration costs by avoiding the
    probate process

  • Maintain privacy of family matters by avoiding the
    probate process

  • Appoint the proper individuals to manage the family assets

  • Appoint the proper individuals as guardians of minor children

  • Provide for the financial needs of family members and establish the proper timing for the distribution of assets to family members

  • Ensure that sufficient liquid assets are available to pay taxes and expenses as needed;

  • Take advantage of lifetime gifts to children and grandchildren as appropriate and desired

  • Allow for charitable distributions as desired

  • Provide for children that are challenged with special circumstances

  • Ensure the continuation of the family business.
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